Ruan Kotze – Director of Photography & Filmmaker

Ruan Kotze is a South African Director of Photography & Filmmaker.  His profession began in the mountains while filming friends practicing extreme sports like Wingsuit BASE jumping and rock climbing. In the wilds, he found his passion for cinematography and his work ethic.

One of his distinctive qualities in the profession is his ability to film in situations where most would not dare. From action films to TV commercials, documentaries, and music videos, he’s done it all. The satisfaction of clients is assured.

Jacques van Zyl – Photographer

Jacques van Zyl is a Cape Town-based photographer who specializes in editorial, commercial, and outdoor sports photography. Prior to working in the commercial photography industry in Cape Town, I pursued a degree in photography.

I had the good fortune to learn from some of the country’s most accomplished photographers. My primary role model has been Mark Cameron. In the studio, I learned how to manipulate light, which I later applied to my love of the outdoors.

William Mulders – Cinematographer

After working as an editor for the last 12 years, William has made the shift to the position of Cameraman. His responsibilities include filming a vast range of videos, ranging from fashion to lifestyle, both in his own studio and in locations throughout the world.

Whenever feasible, William seeks to produce the best possible results from any production, and he is well-versed in the different factors that must be considered in order to accomplish success.

Saskia Wegner – Photographer

Saskia who is represented by One League is a German photographer based in Hamburg and who lives part of the year in the beautiful city of Cape Town. Everyday life for her includes photography, and her strong passion for her profession is evident in each and every image she creates. She is fascinated with cultures and people, and the best part is that she gets to document them for a living.

Every image, for those who are prepared to look, conveys a distinct narrative of its own. Saskia is capable of adapting and creating practically anything you may imagine. She really immerses herself in her work, she is enthusiastic, and she considers herself fortunate to be able to pursue a career that she enjoys.

SAGY SHEIN – Online Marketing Specialist &
Growth Expert

Specialist in online marketing and growth expert who builds brand awareness for companies using video, photography, and social media. By integrating a number of different platforms, you can attract more clients to your business.

Kalinka Lombard – Art Director / Stylist

Kalinka Lombard comes from a publishing background, previously being the editor of a food & lifestyle magazine. She has traveled extensively and that has influenced her eye to spot trends. In recent years she moved to working freelance as an art director and props stylist on TV commercials and stills productions.

She is a rare treat as she has the ability to style across props, wardrobe, and even some food elements. Her passions are however product styling and building beautiful worlds on set.

Kigo Pima – Production Manager

As a production assistant, Kigo quickly advanced to the position of Production Manager. He is incredibly trustworthy and adaptable when it comes to the more difficult aspects of the production industry. Kigo is incredibly hands-on and always prepared to lend a helping hand, no matter what the situation is.

His attention to detail and great communication skill make him a great asset to have on the team. He is well-liked by the entire crew as well as the clients. He has a great knowledge on stills and film and is an amazing problem solver.

Caroline McClelland (Linus)- Photographer

Photography selected me. People demanded to be photographed. Painting took a back seat as the medium’s immediacy and social character prompted me to photograph people. I have a diverse set of interests, and I enjoy the versatility photography provides.

I believe every human has a tale to tell, and I enjoy falling into it. It’s easy for me to switch genres and adapt to the diverse techniques required by each. What I enjoy the most is immersing myself in new situations that engage my mind and leave me wanting more.

Juliette Bisset- Photographer

When Juliette Bisset is working on a project, she is inspired by her clients’ passions and works hard to capture theirs in her images. She is dedicated to the final product and works along side the producers and clients to get the work done to perfection.

Commercial, editorial, and lifestyle photography are just few of the areas in which we have extensive experience. You can count on Juliette to take on the world with you because we’ve produced and generated commercials, as well as material for lifestyles in Dubai, London, and Paris.