Photo Shoot Locations Cape Town

Photo shoot locations in Cape Town are easy to find, and we get it – location is key! We help you find, organize, and manage locations for film and still photography. We work with the top location agencies in Cape Town to bring you the best possible locations for a photoshoot. Some of the locations we have to offer include luxurious villas and other locations are more rustic and urban. Booking still and filming locations has never been easier.

Within one hour of your hotel, there is an incredible variety of shooting locations, with approvals arriving in less than 48 hours after permit applications are submitted. A well-established manufacturing industry. An extensive infrastructure, high-quality equipment, a friendly and highly skilled crew, a top international cast, an abundance of accommodations, and the world’s best food and wine are all included. There are numerous set builders, indoor and outdoor studios, and prop warehouses available.

Despite the fact that many tourists visit South Africa all year, the shooting season runs from October to May. South Africa has become the top destination of choice for the vast majority of clients due to direct flights departing daily from both Europe and North America.

Absolutely perfect lighting! Throughout the year, an average of 12 hours of sunlight is received at a latitude of 32 degrees South. It is economical and provides the best value for money due to the favorable exchange rate. Southern Africa and the Indian Ocean islands are within striking distance and easily accessible.