A Stunning Backlot That Can Accommodate Large-scale Productions

When choosing a studio to oversee the production of a massive undertaking requiring a significant number of employees, there are a number of aspects to think about. While it’s natural to give much thought to the structure housing the studio, you need also to consider the amount of room your production team will need to execute their work. Our larger vehicles, pre-packaged meals, need for outdoor changing areas, and parking needs necessitate extra room.

While making sure that unit trucks and gear trucks have room to maneuver, it’s important to minimise disruptions as much as possible. The reason why backlots are employed is that they allow for some degree of regulation. The post-production process for a film set in a real location may require extensive editing to remove distracting elements (such as cars, signs, or irrelevant fixtures). There’s also the possibility that passing traffic and pedestrians will be difficult to manage.

Atlantic Studios’ expansive backlot can readily handle a wide array of production needs. Ylo will help assist in finding the favourite spot as it had done for many international clients, AS is on our top list due to its convenient location and huge backlot (450 parking spaces). Due to its size, this region can also serve as a staging ground or construction zone.

Many well-known actors from other nations prefer to shoot in our studios because of our reputation for privacy, safety, and secrecy. The fact that Atlantic Studios can accommodate all the equipment essential for filming increases its attractiveness and makes it a go-to location for many producers.