What You Need to Know About Music Video Directors

Are You Considering a Job in the Music Video Industry?

It’s easy to see why making music videos would pique your interest, what with the possibility of working with other artists and traveling the world. But before you start thinking about directing the next Drake or Taylor Swift video, let’s get down to the nuts and bolts of the job. 

Who Does a Music Video Director Work With, and What Do They Do?

Doesn’t that seem like common sense? The director of music videos (or MV director) is the person in charge of the artistic direction of a music video production. Music video producers and DPs are responsible for executing the director’s vision, though they often collaborate with artists, commissioners, and labels. Submitting a music video treatment is the first step of a music video director’s employment, and delivering the final product is the last. There is, of course, a lot more to it than just getting from A to Z. The label or music video commissioner (depending on the project) would typically send a brief to the director before they submit a treatment for a music video. If the production budget is extremely tight, the artist may provide the brief. 

Is There a Minimum Educational Need for Directing Music Videos?

Short answer: no. Some aspiring music video directors might attend art school to study design, film, or a similar field, although formal training is not required. Although, demonstrating your competence is always an asset. Also, a reel is usually the most effective tool for this. 

How Do People Get Their Start in Making Music Videos?

A lot of reels, a lot of reels, and even more reels. One of the best methods to break into the industry is to shoot personal projects for oneself, friends, or even small-time clients. It’s because of a couple of different factors: 

  • Relationships are the foundation upon which everything else is built.
  • Second, you’ll build your creative portfolio and become a walking resume. 
  • You should then show off your finished product. 

You should probably find your means to get your work out there unless you already have friends or family in the music industry ready to connect you to the folks writing the cheques. If you own the rights to the material, you can start a YouTube channel and distribute the films wherever you think the labels and artists “live.” 

Others may start their careers in the entertainment industry by interning or working as production assistants for a company that focuses on making music videos. The fact remains, though, that you’ll have to show that you’re capable of directing, and that means submitting a reel. It’s important to recognize the worth of these engagements. Although the salary is low, the experience is invaluable. A four-year degree isn’t required, but you should have experience managing creative teams and know how to direct a music video. 

In your pursuit of artistic greatness, you’ll inevitably cross paths with like-minded individuals who will become some of your closest friends and most ardent fans. The best networking opportunities are found in the workplace. Maintain a keen awareness of areas in which you may improve your communication with clients. 

Should Those Who Make Music Videos for a Living Do Unpaid Work Sometimes?

Similarly, you may frequently be asked to work on projects without being paid. Isn’t that right? Given your growing credibility as a director, we cannot make that call on your behalf. However, when you’re initially starting, the reward may be landing the job. Even if you lack the experience necessary to direct a great music video, someone is willing to take a chance on you. Don’t put your fundamental necessities on hold to work on another project. Instead, make the most of your free time (evenings, weekends, etc.) to work on pro bono initiatives that will help you develop your skills further. 

How Do Directors of Music Videos Work With Little Funds?

Limitations, especially monetary ones, can inspire original solutions (sometimes). As a result, don’t let limited funds prevent you from achieving your goals. This is (sadly) something you’re agreeing to when you enter the music industry. You’ll have to make some tough choices if your budget is extremely limited. 

Is it the case that you had to shoot the music video on an iPhone (and no, it wasn’t a deliberate decision) due to financial constraints? Or are you both the director and producer? On the other hand, shooting on a tight budget will teach you to be strategic with your spending. 

You could, for instance, select no more than two or three sites. Transferring an organization usually requires a monetary investment. And petrol costs more when you’re on your own. If you’re working alone or with a small crew, it can be good to record a lot of extra footage in case you need it later. Having good lines of communication is essential while filming a low-budget music video. The work process and the result will benefit from realistic expectations of what can be accomplished within a certain budget. 

After the client has seen your treatment, you and the producer will likely have this discussion during a creative call. Though, knowing what things cost to even express your vision in therapy is important. Don’t scare off the label (or whoever is footing the cheque) with crazy ideas that are out of their price range by not knowing how much things cost. 

Can You Explain the Process Through Which Music Video Directors Create Their Visions?

Through the development of therapeutics. This is where the director presents their concept for the video to the record company or the musician. Pictures and words are used. Now that you have the opportunity to exercise your imagination freely, take advice from those who have come before you. Take a look at these genuine music video treatments to get a sense of how the process is presented and how the final product is discussed and described.

Guide to Making Music Videos in a Hurry? So, Just Dive in.

Be mindful of your financial constraints without letting them dictate your choices. However, keep in mind that the selection process might be challenging; those that come up with novel proposals that don’t call for an excessive amount of money stand a better chance of moving further. 

During Pre-production, What Do Music Video Directors Do?

Before starting production, directors will spend a lot of time in pre-production perfecting the creative process and making sure they are on the same page as the client. This may involve sharing similar visions for storyboards or other elements of the treatment. The details of this may require several phone calls or emails back and forth before the shoot can begin. Music video directors are more involved in the pre-production process than their counterparts in the film and television industries. It is customarily the producer’s responsibility to recruit additional personnel for a film’s production, including the director of photography, set designer, costume designer, and so on. If these crew positions are not included in the budget, however, the director of a music video may be expected to take on the additional duties.