Advice for Artists Confined to Their Homes as a Result of the Lock-down

Even if the bulk of us are confined to our houses while the world works to combat this pandemic, it does not mean that you cannot retain some semblance of normalcy in your new life as an entertainer or artist despite being on lockdown.

The stress of it all can seriously harm your mental health, not to mention your financial security, and this is a particularly difficult moment for entertainers, artists, and actors. Because of the pandemic that our world is experiencing, studios are closed and concerts have been cancelled. It is more important than ever to keep your thoughts occupied and fill this newfound leisure by staying busy. This is especially true in today’s climate.

It is critical that you take care of your mental health and keep a level head at all times; therefore, why not attempt to spend your time with some helpful tips on how to deal with lock-down?

Maintain your connections with family and friends.

Keep in touch with your loved ones by making various video calls to check in with one another, or use a platform like Zoom to have a joint family chat as in the old days… We are all in this together, and what you are experiencing is not dissimilar to what your closest friends and family are experiencing. We are all in this together, and what you are experiencing is not dissimilar to what your closest friends and family are experiencing.

or, at the very least, something very close to it

Maintain your own and your audience’s sense of levity.

How cool is it that you can use your smartphone and the live video features on Facebook and Instagram to upload a wonderful video of yourself going about your regular life to your various social media networks? You’d be surprised how many of your followers want to connect with you and sympathize with you if they could just see that you, too, are going through the motions of what lock-down has to offer. 

If you’re really stuck in a rut, you could even download Tik Tok, a platform that has surely gone ubiquitous in this time frame. To make it go viral, simply share a funny and relevant video with individuals who follow you on the platform. It is critical for artists to remain relevant in this period, and one way to do so is to build a more personal relationship with their audience.

If you’re a production wiz or a worker bee, you should think about building your own studio or study.

You’re already spending a lot of time in your house, so why not create your own little refuge in the form of a studio or study area? This will allow you to get some work done while also giving you the impression that you have somewhere to go, even if it is only 20 steps away from your bedroom. If you’re a music producer, why not update some of your earlier tracks by remixing them and giving them new life? You might also contact a friend who has musical talent and cooperate with them to develop a demo that should be put online.

Do you think you’re more productive now? It’s time to start being productive and wise with your time. While the rest of the world fights to combat this pandemic, you can help by doing everything you can to stay safe and motivated at home. Advice for artists confined to their homes due to the lockout