Atlantic Studios Should Be the Location for Your Television Commercial

According to the findings of the Commercial Producers Association of South Africa’s (CPASA) annual survey in 2017, the commercial production industry is on the decline, with fewer service advertisements generated than in previous years. While describing the company’s current situation, moonlighting CEO Phillip Key bemoaned that the most recent “season” was “a touch less active” than usual. Several factors contribute to this, including the following: People are more hesitant to travel as a result of global political upheaval, increased costs (owing in part to South Africa’s recession), and Cape Town’s disastrous water crisis, which scared off many potential visitors. You may continue reading in Callsheet issue 6, which is available here.

Wesgro announced in May 2018 that the Western Cape film industry had contributed R1.92 billion to the local economy and had created around 2499 full-time jobs. Because Africa has professional crews, a diverse range of settings, and world-class creatives, the continent remains the dominant location for the provision of commercial services around the world.

Atlantic Studios should be the location for your television commercial

Atlantic Film Studios has eight stages of customizable space, including a large green screen studio. The venue also has a large back lot and plenty of parking, making it a great backdrop or enclosure for any television broadcast, film shoot, or event. Because our location is in a safe zone, we have a huge back lot with lots of space for building sets and doing stunts.