Techniques & Methods to Use When Filming Music Videos

The experience of filming a music video and working on set with a professional performer has the potential to be both entertaining and informative for the audience. In general, going through this process can help you broaden your skill set as a filmmaker, increase your creativity, and help you grow as a professional.

However, like with any other filmmaking project, there may be a number of roadblocks to overcome along the way, the most of which will most likely be due to time and money constraints. Despite the fact that each industry has its own set of standard procedures and norms, everyone can benefit from hearing about innovative ways to streamline their job and make their life a little easier.

The following five pointers to help you create amazing music videos:


According to our experts, it is general knowledge that lighting is important in video production; yet, the issue remains: how important is this role? The type of bulb you use, as well as the colour temperature of the bulb, may have a big impact on the end output of your film. Shooting a band indoors with a few floodlights focused at them may give washed-out pictures, yet shooting outside in natural light might produce stunning results.

Even while lighting up a band may appear to be a simple process, it is critical to consider how they should appear. One of the greatest strategies for shooting indoors is to use soft light or even a China Ball, which is just a fancy term for a paper lantern placed over the band. This is quite economical, provides the members a more delicate aspect, and improves each individual’s complexion.

Shaky camera

When you watch a movie, you will see that the bulk of the shots were definitely taken with a tripod since they are quite stable. This might work nicely for a movie, but not so well for a music video. Music videos are meant to be high-action videos that can hold the audience’s attention for more than three minutes. I despise music videos taken with tripods because the camera operator never appears to get into the mood of the performance as much as the band does. 

It frequently conveys a sense of uneasiness and isolates the audience from the band’s liveliness. One piece of advise is to reflect the band’s passion, and you should also feel free to shake and move your camera around. When a band is head banging, move in the same direction as the band members. These techniques will add to the energy shown on the screen.


Even in this day and age, an abandoned factory is the most feasible location for photographing a band at full volume. As a result, Atlantic Film Studios is an excellent choice for the production of your music videos. When you hire a space from us, you may be as loud as you want, have access to power, and plenty of extra space.

Superior Performers

People will occasionally want to include a story in their music video. Sometimes that is a bad option, whether it is the hackneyed concept of a girl and a guy breaking up or the awful acting. [As an example:] [As an example:] [As an example:] [Cas Many people cannot afford to hire celebrities to participate in their music videos, so they put members of their band or friends in the roles of the various characters. This is fantastic up to the point where it isn’t. Your coworker is behaving inappropriately in front of the camera as you shoot a serious scene, but this is not represented in the final output. There are times when just seeing it makes you feel anxious. Consider working with local performers who are looking to expand their credentials. They will put up their best effort, take the shoot seriously, and make your music video look more like a movie trailer.

Required Equipment

It is believed that “not the brush, but the painter,” rather than the brush itself, creates a great work of art. However, in the world of video, this is not the case. While this is true for traditional forms of art. To make your vision a reality, you must be intimately familiar with your equipment and guarantee that it is in good operating order. 

You don’t need the most expensive camera; you just need to understand what your equipment can do and use it to its full potential. Think of shooting in the higher-resolution 4K format (some cameras can only handle 1080p). Is it possible to shoot at a high frame rate with your gear? Also, make sure you have a few of decent lenses that can snap photos from a distance as well as up close.