The Impact of Awards on the Film Industry

The film industry is currently overwhelmed by award ceremonies from all over the world. From the Academy Awards, known colloquially as the Oscars, to the South African Film and Television Awards, known colloquially as the SAFTAs. Every year, the film industry builds up a lot of enthusiasm and anticipation for these Oscars. 

Even something as insignificant as getting nominated for an award might have a major impact in some situations. Let’s look at the true influence that winning Oscars has on a film and how that impact reverberates across the film industry’s inner workings.


Most of the time, you’ll hear about a movie but probably won’t give it much attention in terms of actually watching it. Being nominated for and winning an award, on the other hand, almost immediately acts as a form of endorsement for the feature film in question. 

It means “this is something worth watching.” Following that, your chances of seeing this film grow dramatically. Even if the film was shot on a shoestring budget or does not star any of your favourite well-known actors, it will be able to hold the audience’s interest.

Product sales will Increase

The increased public interest and legitimacy associated with a film is expected to result in an increase in the number of individuals purchasing tickets, streaming it, and downloading it. This is, of course, the aim that every film company strives for. 

The film “Slumdog Millionaire,” which was produced in 2008 and had a $20 million budget, is a good example of this trend. Following its success at a number of award ceremonies, including the Academy Awards and the Golden Globes, among others, the film went on to gross more than $380 million worldwide (according to Box Office Mojo).

Taking the next step in your career development

Receiving awards is an excellent way for actors, actresses, directors, and other members of the film crew to advance their careers. Meryl Streep’s name, for example, is nearly synonymous with the Academy Awards due to her numerous nominations and victories. 

Film studios are well aware that hiring someone of her ability will result in higher box office income. As a result, she will be suitably compensated, and many actresses will even go so far as to negotiate a percentage of the box office as a bonus as part of their remuneration package. Everyone involved in the equation benefits from the enthusiasm surrounding the awards in this way.

The film Roma is a contemporary example of the importance of awards

The film Roma was the topic of much anticipation, especially after it was announced that it had been nominated for ten Academy Awards. It won three distinct awards, including best director, best foreign language picture, and best cinematography. Given its limited theatrical run and reliance on the online streaming provider Netflix for the majority of its distribution, this picture achieved unparalleled success. The public’s attitude toward films transmitted via streaming services will soon alter, and the public will no longer underestimate the films’ level of quality.

It is now evident that awards not only have an impact on the film industry as a whole, but also have the potential to revolutionise it. This may be observed in the way we select films to watch and judge them. Without a doubt, awards will continue to be something that everyone in the industry seeks to win for a variety of reasons in the coming years.

You should submit these local film awards and keep a look out for them.

The South African Film and Television Accolades are widely regarded as among the most prestigious accolades given out in the country for South African-made films. The fact that the ceremony is broadcast on SABC 2 on a yearly basis throughout South Africa demonstrates the enormous public interest.

The Jozi Film Festival was founded in 2012 with the goal of proudly promoting and rewarding locally produced independent films. They are especially interested in South African films, although they welcome independent films from anywhere in the world, including documentaries. Another award to keep an eye on is the SA Indie Film Festival Award, which celebrates excellence in South African independent filmmaking. 

This year, they have extended the number of prize categories, the number of films they will screen, and the number of judges on their panel. Awards are becoming increasingly important at all of these different events and festivals, which is a trend that can be seen worldwide. Domestic and foreign studio productions are demonstrating an increasing interest in shooting on South Africa’s stunning terrain, and this enthusiasm is being pushed by both domestic and foreign production firms. South Africa’s film industry is regaining its status, and there are festivals and awards to commemorate this progress.