Location is everything! We help you find, organize, and manage all film and photography locations through our premium location agencies in Cape Town.


We are here to take care of all the logistics, everything from on accommodation, set catering to permits and permissions to ensure that your shoot is productive and seamless to the final wrap.


YLO will assist in the scouting, casting, and management of all actor or model talent required for your shoot. Cape Town’s leading casting agents work with both local and international talent.


We are able to assist with the Visa, Oversight documentation and administration required for foreign nationals working on South African based film and stills shoots!


Talented stylists and Cape Town’s legendary creative teams will bring your brands’ vision to life; we work with wardrobe, animals, cars, and a variety of other materials hiring in or sourcing whatever needs to happen on set.


We can help you develop the strategy for the design and production of all of your still photography and film productions. Consulting on resources and catering to each client’s budget.

Working with top directors on high-profile feature films and stills from all over the world makes us proud. Finding the perfect setting for a film or photoshoot has never been easier thanks to our online community that brings together property owners and talented filmmakers and photographers. For years, we’ve worked with the best location agencies in Cape Town to bring you the ideal locations for your productions. We provide the most diverse selection of shooting locations, including never-before-used unique homes, whether for a large-scale motion picture production or a small still photography project. Offices, modern residences, gardens, historic residences, and even restaurants and cafes are all possibilities.

We’ve been able to build long-term relationships with some of the industry’s most important players thanks to our team’s years of experience in production, our passion for locations and people, and our honest and loyal approach to business and our clients. For stills and film shoots, our suppliers offer a wide range of locations throughout the year.

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